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                                                                                         TERMS OF LEASE                                                                                                                                                                   


After you have given us a booking order we will send you accordingly to that a booking confirmation in written form. With its dispatch a lease contract, for which these terms of lease apply is binding.
The booking does only apply for the in the booking confirmation specified tenant and number of persons. If the actual number of persons exceeds at any time (over-occupancy) by persons ( visitors) not listed in the agreement, the landlord or his administrator is entitled to turn unfamiliar persons away or charge a surplus fee. An increase of allocation must be advertised in advance and indicated in the admission form on arrival. Accordingly to that the rental and the fee for laundry will increase.
We reserve the right to change the booked flat. The price won t be changed.

terms of payment :
A booking deposit of 35% , min. 75 Euros , is required upon booking and is payable within one week, the balance should be paid 10 days before arrival through bank transfer, cheque or by paypal.
In case of a booking at short notice the entire amount must be received on the landlords bank account or is due at arrival in cash
( Euros)
Any resulting bank charges, additional costs such as internet, bikes , extra sets of laundry etc. as well as the damage deposit be should be paid upon arrival in cash (Euros).

A cancellation, also partial, of the lease contract should be indicated in written form either per post , fax or email.
The statement becomes effective upon its receipt.
For our loss of income we require as follows:
With notice of resignation
- until 29 days before beginning of renting we compute 20 % of the rent, minimum 75 Euro
- from 28. to 15. day before beginning of renting we compute 50 % of the rent,
- from 14. to 5. day before beginning of renting we compute 80 % of the rent,
- after that 4. day before beginning of renting we retain the entire rent,
if no spare tenant has been found.
If a spare tenant was found the resignation fee will be settled proportionate to the renting time.
I.e. if we found or you sent us a tenant for the same time you have been booked in the full amount will be refund.
But charges of 25 Euro will be deducted for the incurred expenditures in any case.
We do recommend the conclusion of a travel resignation insurance .

Arrival and departure :
Check-in time = not before 14:00. Check out 11:00. Other arrangements only on request.
In any case the agent should be contacted at least 2 days before arrival to arrange the time of meeting to hand-over the keys.
Also we provide the storage of your luggage if necessary.
Any complaints regarding the accommodation must be announced within 24 h after arrival.

Latest Check-out time = 11:00. Other arrangements on only request .
In case of late departure or use at all points of the flat without other agreement the landlord is entitled to charge a fee
of 25 € up to a days rent.
Also we provide the storage of your luggage if necessary.
The flat should be left clean swept, rubbish bins and fridge must be emptied . Cleaning of dishes, pots and pans, hob, stove, coffee maker is part of the tenants duty. In cases of bad non-observance the landlord is entitled to charge a compensation fee.

Premature termination of lease:
in case of premature departure there is no claim for reimbursement of the rent.
The terms of lease and also the rules of the house, are to be obeyed strictly - any failure may result in immediate termination of the lease without repayment of the rent.

NO smoking - smoke in the apartments we can not approve.

House Roules
Please bear in mind that this apartment is located in a residential house. We kindly ask you to avoid any disturbing noise, especially before 6 and after 22 clock. 
Commercial activity in the apartment without the express permission of the landlord is not allowed.

The landlord is not liable for short term malfunction of equipments or installations. A deduction of the rent price therefore is not refundable. Of course the landlord will do anything to repair it as soon as possible. A change in the vacation home remains reserving the landlord.
Also the landlord shall not be held liable for any adverse effects from the outside, losses of valuables and accidents or injuries in the house or on the ground.
The tenant shall take reasonable care to avoid damage to the property and will be liable for any damage or injury to property or persons caused by his use , especially by misuse of the premises and equipments ( see damage deposit ).

Damage deposit:
The damage deposit as contracted must be paid in cash on arrival to the administrator.
The landlord will return the full amount; unless the tenant has failed to pay any costs or if the tenant shall repair or replace any fixture or piece of furniture or equipment damaged or any unusual wear and tear to the premises or equipment . In these cases, the landlord can deduct the repaired amount from the deposit. The remainder will be returned to the tenant on the day of departure.

Pets only on demand

The landlord or his administrator shall have the right to access the premises for the purpose of confirming that the
conditions of this agreement are complied with or initiate repairs.

The parties are bound by the jurisdiction and competence of the courts of Koblenz .

For further information and enquiries please contact:

Karl M. Jung

Tel:      0049 - 30 - 5770 5282
Fax:     0049 - 30 - 5770 5282 -9

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